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Allen Ozone Services

We make the odor go away... permanently!


Healthy Clean Air Solutions


SO... What is ozone?

Whether for residential or commercial properties, boats, cars, RV's, school buses or airplanes, our ozone solutions will complete destroy the odor-causing elements, leaving fresh, clean air, absent all bad odors.


What is Your Situation?

  • Mold spores? Gone!
  • Bacteria?  Gone!
  • Viruses?  Gone!
  • Smoke odor?  Gone!
  • Musty smells?  Gone!
  • Just General Stink?  Gone!

And... the odor doesn't return!


How Does Ozone Work?
Ozone penetrates the cellular wall at the molecular level, and quickly oxidizes the guilty molecules, destroying all odor permanently.  Nothing more complex than that!



Our high-output ozone generators, which draw in oxygen (o2), introduce electrical current and pump out high volumes of ozone (o3), are powerful enough to handle the worst odors QUICKLY and efficiently!


We Are Your Solution!

Call Allen Ozone Services, an Allen Rapid Dry Subsidiary Service, and let us get rid of the smells once and for all!  


We will leave you with simply a fresh, crisp atmosphere of air that is inviting and makes you smile!  Believe us, your nose will thank you!


"Faster than you think, we will get rid of the stink!"



Proud member of and certified by the

National Ozone Association (NOAI)